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Cement Plant Cement Plant

 HAPBCO Cement Plant

HAPBCO is known as a leading mechanical construction provider and is valued for its technical expertise and innovative construction methodologies. Since our company founding,


HAPBCO Power plant Projects Power Plants

As a construction leader, we always communicate the market leaders in our field to learn from their experience and adopt the best practices. We listen to the requirements of our clients and have achieved much success in power sector. HAPBCO executes different types of power plants like thermal, hydro, solar, wind farm and atomic power projects.

HAPBCO Power Projects

Waste Heat Recovery Plant(WHRP)

HAPBCO WHRP - waste heat recovery plant solutions in india

HAPBCO is built upon time tested value of excellence and reliability. This means working to the highest moral standard and being measured by the durable quality of our projects.


HAPBCO Steel Plant Projects Steel Plant

Since our company founding, has become the leading construction company in India and abroad with completion of numerous plants other than cement plants, like steel, sugar, aluminum, power, and refineries. across the globe

hapbco steel

Aluminium Plants

Hapbco Aluminium projects in india

Hapbco offers all construction solutions connected with mechanical engineering works. We are well versed in all field of mechanical constructions including high quality piping works with technology for excellent results.


Refinery &Petro ChemicalPlants

Hapbco focusing on diversification, technical development and realisation of variety of projects in India. As a market leader and offers a service in petrochemical field also its own successful erection concepts for built renovation projects.

hapbco refinery projects in india

Sugar Plants

hapbco sugar

Hapbco offers full range of service in the field of sugar construction industry with all necessary special purpose tools and equipments.